Surveys are not only an excellent way to gauge the overall success of your event, but also aid in the planning of future events by identifying successful aspects and areas needing improvement.  Surveys also provide valuable marketing information and insight into corporate-customer-employee relations.  The EventLink team will develop your custom designed post-event survey combining post-event evaluation questions with event-marketing questions to give you insight into the concerns and praises of your customers, vendors and employees. The surveying process is tied closely to the registration database, ensuring maximum response rates.  All survey results will be presented to you in a comprehensive formal document.  At EventLink International, our post-event surveys are custom designed with your goals in mind; capturing relevant, event-specific information you can use to maximize your return on investment.


    Internet Surveys
    Survey Design
    Survey Distribution
    Data Capture/Customized Database
    Statistical Analysis and Commentary Reporting
    Follow-up & Reminders