Housing Management

EventLink International will leverage their significant expertise, technology base, and relationships with major hotel chains and independent hotels around the world to provide all of your housing management needs.  Our staff is experienced in managing multiple hotel room blocks and coordinating logistical components between attendees, reservation agents, hotel management and various logistical partners - a process that is fully incorporated with the overall registration process providing you with accurate housing data in one convenient, centralized location. The flexible database accompanies our staff on-site to keep this process in place throughout your event.  Experienced managers will help you save money by negotiating favorable housing contracts, reviewing existing contracts, and providing timely reporting so that important logistical and financial decisions can be made effectively.  Post-event analysis and master bill auditing are also provided to help measure attrition, ensure accurate billing, and aid in the planning of future events.


    Contract Negotiation/Review
    Room Block Management
    Hotel Reservations via Internet
    Hotel Liaison
    Room Pick-up Tracking
    Roommate Pairing
    Multiple Hotels